What is rose petal water?

BALANCING TONIC Rose water is a moisturizing toner and consists of 100% pure steam-distilled and certified organic flower water from the "Valley of the Roses" in Morocco.

The ingredients of the rose have an astringent effect, i.e. astringent, which has a slightly tightening effect on the skin. BALANCING TONIC rose water gently moisturizes, has an anti-inflammatory effect on irritations, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin and ensures a refined complexion for large-pored skin. In addition, rose water helps to keep the pH of the skin in balance.

Lightly dosed with the pump sprayer, 2-3 spritzes of BALANCING TONIC rose petal water leave your skin plump and moist. It smells gently of rose and is just as relaxing for the mind.

Use of rose water:

  1. Cleaning : Not many cleaning steps are required in the morning. The skin regenerates itself overnight and we want to preserve the valuable protective layer of the skin. Spread BALANCING TONIC generously on your dry face and décolleté and then clean yourself with the lukewarm and damp FACE CLOTH .
  1. Tonic (preparation for the care): Wet the cleansed face, neck and décolleté mornings and evenings to cleanse the pores and tighten the skin.
  1. Moisture: For more moisture, 2-3 splashes of BALANCING TONIC under your moisturizer (cream, serum or Facial Oil ) apply or mix directly with facial oil to form a light emulsion.
  1. Cooling off / refreshment: Put BALANCING TONIC in the refrigerator at least 1 hour in advance before using it generously as a refreshing spray on the face and décolleté. You can wet your face directly in the morning, in the evening or throughout the day if necessary.

For even more cooling, fill a small ice cube container with BALANCING TONIC and place it in the freezer until it is completely frozen. Stroke it over the face, neck, neck or cleavage.

  1. Masks: For mixing powder masks (e.g. PURE CLEAN FACE ). You can extend the exposure time of the mask with a few splashes of rose water after application.
  2. Room spray: Used as a perfume or room spray, rose water cleanses the atmosphere and relaxes the mood.

Can also be used as bath additive , for fixing of makeup or as shine spray for the hair can be used.

Rose water effect:

✓ anti-inflammatory

✓ moisturizing

✓ reassuring

✓ strengthening

✓ firming

✓ balancing

✓ harmonizing

✓ refines the complexion

Skin type: For sensitive skin, blemished, mature and normal skin

Why rose petal water is a seasonal product

BALANCING TONIC rose water is a seasonal product, as the rose blossoms are picked by hand by Berber women in Morocco only once a year from mid-May to mid-June and then processed. Rose water is a by-product of rose oil production (through steam distillation).

The high valley of the roses lies at the foot of the High Atlas in Morocco, at the transition to the Dades valley (road of the kasbahs). It is irrigated by the Asif M'Goun river, which rises in the nearby M’Goun massif and supplies the roses with its mineral-rich content.

Note: BALANCING TONIC Rose Water is a pure rose blossom water without preservation.Despite the high-quality violet-glass packaging, the product should be kept in the refrigerator

Quality of rose flower water:


certified organic COSMOS organic

without ethanol and preservatives

✓ without animal testing

✓ Wherever possible, raw materials are sourced from organic farming

Ethics: Produced in a socially responsible manner and without animal testing by a small family business in Marrakech. With every purchase of our vegan natural cosmetics you support the Berber women in Morocco.

Ingredients: Rose flower water (Rosa Damascena Flower Water)

Packaging: The violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet component. This delays the aging process set in motion by visible light. Longer shelf life and freshness of products are guaranteed.

Storage: Store in a cool place, ideally in the refrigerator.

Origin: Morocco. The vegan natural cosmetics are lovingly bottled for you in Germany.